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Project Description
This module allows you to create photo albums. Module provides following effects: lightbox, slideshow. Also you can set size for thumbnails and images and some other options.

Module resizes photos on the fly.


Planned Features

 New Album types:

  • Simple – simple album without any effects, only photo.
  • Zoom – zoom photo by mouse hover
  • Fullscreen – scale photo with kept aspect ratio to fill  the browser window.


  • Add cache duration option
  • Caching images according to cache duration option.

Admin panel:

  • Reorder photos.
  • Add bulk actions(remove, publish) to photo.
  • Allow to convert album from each to other.
  • Allow to create album from existing media folder.

Orchard parts:

  • Add tag part.
  • Add comment part. 

Search by photo.

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